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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Institute NameLevelCountry
Cover Page(6).pdf.jpg2007Aani Schooling: Synergyging Nunnery with Modern Education System of NepalBimali, PawanFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
2021Ashtimki as the Site for the Performance of Tharu IdentityKushmi, AngelCentral Department of EnglishM.Phil.-
Full Thesis.pdf.jpg2009Civic Pluralism: A Quest to Address Secondary School Curriculum of NepalAcharya, Devi PrasadFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Cover Page(6).pdf.jpg2011Contribution of Child Care Centers to Early Childhood Development A case study from the Kathmandu Valley of NepalBaral, Raj KumarFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Thesis.pdf.jpg2010Curricular Perceptions and Pedagogical Oreintation of School TeachersKafle, Mukti NarayanFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Cover Page(6).pdf.jpg2008Dalit Girl’s Perception Towards DiscriminationAwasthi, LalitaFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Sep-2021Divorce And It's Effect On Children Mental Well Being And Education (A Case Study of Nakhipot, Lalitpur)Limbu, Yug MayaCentral Department of SociologyM.Phil.-
2015Effectiveness of Security-Development Linkage: A Case Study of Bara Industrial Corridor, NepalKarki, Ishwar BabuCentral Department of Public AdministrationM.Phil.-
Cover Page(6).pdf.jpg2008Elites to Paupers: Turning Points in EducationRegmi, Ishwari Prasad-M.Phil.-
2009Ethnomathematical Studies on the Heritage of the TharusAdhikari, Indra PrasadFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
2021Experiences of Chronically-ill Kidney Patients and CaregiversDahal, Radhika DeviCentral Department of SociologyM.Phil.-
2021Exploring Symbiosis: A Critique of Anthropocentrism in Jack London’s The Call of the Wild and E.B White's Charlotte's WebJoshi, Bhup RajCentral Department of EnglishM.Phil.-
2020The Gendered Body on the Screen: Popular Erotic Songs in Nepali FilmsKhanal, LaxmiCentral Department of EnglishM.Phil.-
Cover page(6).pdf.jpg2007Inclusion of Dalit Students in a Formal SchoolSimkhada, Sharad ChandraFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Full Thesis.pdf.jpg2009Indigenous Approaches to Knowledge GenerationGurung, Ganga BahadurFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Chapter Page(1).pdf.jpg2009Indigenous Health and Healing System: Potentiality and Prospects for EducationSiwakoti, Hemanta RajFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Cover Page(6).pdf.jpg2007Indigenous Mathematical Concepts of Gopali Community from their Cultural PerspectiveDahal, RamchandraFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
Dec-2021John Harsey's Too Far To Walk as a Postmodernist Historiographic MetafictionDhakal, LaxmiCentral Department of EnglishM.Phil.-
2009Local Understanding and Practices on Scholarship ManagementLamsal, Hari PrasadFaculty of EducationM.Phil.-
2007Looking for the Employment Abroad Effects of Labour Migration on Rural Economy, Agriculture and Social Cohesion A Case Study from Eastern NepalBhandari, Ritu Raj-M.Phil.-