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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Institute NameLevelCountry
2021Basic Mathematical Concept Practiced by Sherpa CommunityPhuyal, Ananta KumarCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2008Bottleneck Just-in-Time Sequencing for Mixed-Model Production SystemsPoudyal, ChudamaniCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2020Dynamic Network Contraflow Evacuation Planning ProblemBhandari, Phanindra PrasadCentral Department of MathematicsPh.D.-
2021Effect of Changing the Dimension of Initial Debris Mass in the Dynamics of Landslide Generated TsunamiAcharya, GrishmaCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2023Effectiveness of Geogebra in Teaching Circle at Grade X: A Quasi- Experimental StudyDevkota, SarojCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2021Effectiveness of geogebra in Teaching Learning geometry At Secondary LevelShah, Sunil KumarCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2020Efficient Dynamic Flow Algorithms for Evacuation PlanningDhungana, Ram ChandraCentral Department of MathematicsPh.D.-
2020Evacuation Optimization with Minimum Clearance TimeAdhikari, Iswar ManiCentral Department of MathematicsPh.D.-
2021Gender Issues in Mathematics at Secondary LevelMagar, Himkala RanaCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2016The Interplay Between Measure Theory and TopologyRana, Jit BahadurCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2020Mathematical Conceptspracticed by Terai FarmersYadav, Sanjeet KumarCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2021Motivating Factors in Learning MathematicsPanth, ManjuCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2017Newton Type Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear EquationsJnawali, JivandharCentral Department of MathematicsPh.D.-
2016Numerical Solutions of 2D Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations in Variable Viscosity CaseThapa, Dhak BahadurCentral Department of MathematicsM.Phil.-
2016On the Study of Distribution of Primes and Twin Prime ConjectureAdhikari, KhagendraCentral Department of MathematicsM.Phil.-
2022Optimization models with exclusive bus lanesChand, GaurabCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2022Orthogonality in Normed Linear SpacesOjha, Bhuwan PrasadCentral Department of MathematicsPh.D.-
2021Promoting Continuous Assessment System In he Mathematics ClassroomThapa, LokeshCentral Department of MathematicsMasters-
2020Structure and Properties of Fatou, Julia, Escaping and Fast Escaping Sets of Holomorphic SemigroupsSubedi, Bishnu HariCentral Department of MathematicsPh.D.-
2016A Study on Advances of Hurwitz TheoremGautam, RameshCentral Department of MathematicsM.Phil.-