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Title: Eros Demythologized in John Updike’s Couples
Authors: Pokhrel, Rajan
Keywords: demythologization;John Updike’sCouples;sexual state
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of English
Institute Name: Central Department of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: This research makes an intensive study of John Updike’sCouplesthrough the Psychological discourse with the light of Myth and Religion. Piet, the protagonist, attempts to quench his infinite Eros by sleeping with many Tarbox wives. He praises the beloved body with those of heavenly connotation. By divorcingto Angela and marrying to Elizabeth Foxy, he continues to celebrate his infinite Eros. But at last, turns in to demythologization of Eros on the state of passion, and his state of searching new sex partner goes on eternally till his death that the researcher can imagine. He always seems to avoid the chapters of death and tries to bask in the warmth of married women. He is trying to hide from death with the warmth of others’ wives. His erotic worship has just become the demythologization of sexual state which is after all futile and worthless.The newness and change he seeks in his life goes eternally which only ends in death that we can suppose.
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