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Title: Bachelor Level Students’ Proficiency on Free Writing
Authors: Pokhrel, Kamala
Keywords: Proficiency;students
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Faculty of Education Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu
Abstract: 7 ABSTRACT This study entitled "Bachelor Level Students’ Proficiency on Free Writing" has aimed at finding out the proficiency of students on free writing and identify the errors in their writing. The researcher collected data from the Bachelor first year students, studying in education and Management Faculties. To generate relevant data, the researcher used test items using the survey research. The total sample was 30 students; 15 students from Education Faculty and 15 from Management Faculty. The required data were gathered by using purposive non random sampling procedure . This research study concludes that free writing proficiency of the students is not satisfactory . Students could not complete the target length. While writing, organization of knowledge, subject mater, presentation, illustrations, are poor. Most of the errors found in the use of comma, then, use of full stop, capitalization and other punctuation markers. Errors are found in subject verb agreement, tense spelling and preposition as well . This research report consists of five chapters. Chapter one deals with general background, statement of problem, objectives, research questions and operational key terms. The second chapter consists of literature review, implications of the literature review and theoretical framework of the study. The third chapter deals with design and methods of the study, population, sample and sampling of the strategy, study area, data collection tools and techniques, data collection procedures, data analysis and interpretation procedure. Similarly, the fourth chapter covers the analysis and interpretation of results and the last chapter incorporates the conclusions and recommendations.
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