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Title: Sexuality as Stigma: A Study of Badi Women
Authors: Sapkota, Deepak
Keywords: Badi women;Sexuality;Stigma;Prostitution;Gender
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The present dissertation aspires to undertake the study on doubly exploited life of Badi women. This study delineates the hellish life of Badi women in present context where they are stigmatized from many sides. First of all, they are, because of their stigma of femininity, exploited by their own males within their homes. Secondly, they are further commodified and exploited also by the males of mainstream society. Worst of all, they are even stigmatized as Badini, Randi and Beshya and consequently ostracized by the same double dealers-men of mainstream cultural set up-who after bathing in their sexuality throughout the whole night hypocritically stigmatize and shun them at broad daylight. This is the stigma of their sexuality which is much more piercing and suffocating to all Badi women who are from the long time compelled to persue it being discouraged from doing mainstream jobs.
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