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Title: Status of Child Delivery A Case Study of Amargadhi Municipality,Dadeldhura District
Authors: Upreti, Indu Kumari
Keywords: caste/ethnicity;Health services;women delivery period
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of Population Studies
Institute Name: Central Department of Population Studies
Level: Masters
Abstract: This study has been designed to identify the delivery care practice among15-49 years age female in Amargadhi Municipality-3, Dadeldhura. Itcovers 100 currently married women who have at least one deliveryexperience. The main objective of research area is to identify the safedelivery practice among women by different caste/ethnicity, educationlevel, achieve health services and facilities and receive care of theirhusband during delivery period. Percent are distribution and cross tables are used to describe socio-economic and demographic status of currently married women.Amargadhi Municipality-3 is one of the Chhetri dominated ward in thismunicipality. In this study among the hundred respondents majority ofthem are Chhetri (42%) and Brahmin (36%). Out of the wholerespondents 62 percent were literate and higher level of education and 38percent respondent were illiterate. About 84 % of the respondents wereengaged in agriculture and lowest number of respondent are engaged inservices. The main findings of this study are, safe delivery was well practiced byBrahmins and Chhetri rather than Dalits and other caste groups. Literatewomen has age at marriage high, Children Ever Born (CEB) low and theyhave safe delivery status but illiterate women's age at marriage low,Children Ever Born high and they have unsafe delivery status. Similarlyliterate women have got normal health condition and also received care oftheir husband at the time of delivery and illiterate women have criticalhealth condition. Likewise, Brahmin and Chhetri women's healthcondition was normal and Dalit and other caste women's health conditionwas normal and Dalit and other caste women's health condition wascritical at the time of delivery.
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