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Title: The Status of Elderly People in Nepal A Case Study of elderly People Living in Madhumalla-2,Morang Adarsha Tole
Authors: Guragain, Prakash
Keywords: Living elderly People;socio-economic
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of Population Studies
Institute Name: Central Department of Population Studies
Level: Masters
Abstract: The descriptive explanatory type of study has been carried out with thepurpose of accessing the status of rural elderly population. The study is based onprimary data collected from Madhumalla VDC of Morang District. The main objective of the study is to find out the demographic socio-economicand heath condition of the elderly people (60 years and above).Inthis study, age, sex,marital status, number of children etc. are taken as demographic variables of theelderlypeople. Smilarly education, decision making, income, property ownership,cast/ethnicity etc. are taken as the socio-economic condition and physical and mentalcondition are taken as health condition. There are 101 respondents from the different caste/ethnicity which arebrahamin, chhetri, dalit, rai, tamang, magar etc. In the study area, respondents ofMadhumalla VDC, are found based on family system. Among 101 respondents, 55.45percent illiterate and 29.70 percent literate rate. The male literate people are 22(41.67%) and female literate people are 10 (18.87%). Likewise, Main health problem for elderly people is eye vision (55.45%) outof 101 elderly people whereas male have (17.92%) out of 48 male population andfemale have 62.26 percent out of 53 female population have eye vision. The finding shows that the older population should have educational as well astraining facilities. They should have opportunity to income generating work and theolder person should get health care facility to maintain physical,mental as well asemotional wellbeing and to prevent onset of illness.
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