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Title: Demographicand Socio-Economic factor saffecting Fertility: A Case Study Of Thumpokhara Vdc, Syangja District
Authors: Dumre, Pom Prasad
Keywords: Fertility;Breast Feeding;Child-loss
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of Population Studies
Institute Name: Central Department of Population Studies
Level: Masters
Abstract: This study carried out to know the socioeconomic and demographicfactors affecting fertility is based on primary data which has been collected byusing purposive sampling method in Thumpokhara VDC ward No 5 and7ofSyangja. Well-devised structure questionnaire are used for interview. The study was conducted in selected wards 5 and 7 of ThumpokharaVDC included 110 ever married women of reproductive age group from 110households. Out of the total population (665), 47.1 percent are males and 52.9percent are females. The highest proportion 48.2 percent of women interviewedare at age groups 20-24 and 25-29 years followed by 30-34 and 35-39 years agegroup 29.1 percent which are intermediate age groups. Among the total respondent, literacy rate is very low only 45.5 percentwhere as 54.5 percent are illiterate. The majority of respondents68.2 percentengaged in agriculture sector it is higher percent than non-agriculture sectors.Similarly, among the total respondents aged 15-49 years 50.9 percent weremarried in the age group 15-19 years followed by the age group 10-14 years as10 percent, it clears that long duration of marriage leads to high fertility. Theanalysis of demographic factors shows that the age of women and duration ofmarriage are positively associated with fertility. Whereas age at marriage isfound negatively associated with fertility. The study has found that the number of CEB is high with low level ofincome, early age at marriage, low level of literacy, desire of son, higher thechild loss experience and low level of contraceptive use.
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