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Title: Situation of International Labour Migration" of ratnanagar Municipality, Ward No. 3,Chitwan
Authors: Adhikari, Shobha
Keywords: Labour Migration;Socio–Economic;household Economy;Livelihood
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of Population Studies
Institute Name: Central Department of Population Studies
Level: Masters
Abstract: The present study has tried to find out the role of International Labour Migration as alivelihood strategy from analysis of the households of migrant labourers inRatnanagar Municipality Ward No. 3 of Chitwan District. The analysis has been doneon the basis of datagenerated from the interview, questionnaire, survey and groupdiscussion as well as from secondary data. The study has revealed unemployment,Poverty, lack of opportunity in the home country is the reasons and obligations ofLabour Migration. Gulf countries followed by East/South-East Asian countries havebeen the major destination of Migrant workers. Mainly the local brokers haveorganized the foreign employment and most of them have found cheated during thecourse of Migration. The migrant workers have managed the amount difficultly fromdifferent sources like selling land and properties, taking loans and borrowing fromrelatives and friends. Most of the migrant workers are unskilled. Due to the lack ofhigher education and proper training, they face problem in languages, skilled and arecompelled to work as unskilled manual workers. Therefore, they have been workingabroad in lower wage and salary due to the lesser skills. Bank and Hundi are themajor sources to transfer the remittances to their households. To buy essential goodsand maintain the house expenses have been the first priorities of using theremittances. Besides, they have invested on education of their children andconstructing houses. Therefore, labour migration has resulted in changing the livingstandard, custom and other activities of the households in the study area.
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