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Title: Personal as Political: Love and Memory in Saul Bellow’s Ravelstein
Authors: Chaulagain, Birat
Keywords: Literature;Memory
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Central Departmental of English
Institute Name: Central Department of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: Saul Bellow’sRavelsteinis a story of Jewish protagonist Ravelstein, whose journey from the simple life to the highly materialistic life represents the change in the lives of Jews in Post World War II America. Living with a fear of extinction a fear that recurs in Jewish history from the Biblical stories to holocaust andto the threats to Israel, the Jewish Americans like Ravelstein and Chick realize that living highly materialistic life is yet another threat that can destroy the Jewish lifestyle, values and racial identity. For these characters, friendship, Love and personal as well as historical memory seem to be the only way out for the survival. Thus, the protagonist’s personal history at the same time becomes political history.
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