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Title: Natural Resources Management: A Participatory Perspective (A case of Singiya VDC, Sunsari)
Authors: Rai, Prakash
Keywords: Natural Resources;Participatory Development;Community forests
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Department of Geography
Institute Name: Central Department of Geography
Level: Masters
Abstract: Offering this dissertation to my parent and family, who contributed me this courage and effort slicing their meal and clothes and living homelessly as the refugee Natural Resources Management: A Participatory Perspective (A Case of Singiya VDC, Sunsari) is a dissertation prepared to submit to the Central Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, for the Partial Fulfillment of Requirement for Master's Degree in Geography. At this moment, I would like to state that it is a joint effort of various individuals and institutions from various sectors. I would like to acknowledge all those, who contributed their important effort to provide the final shape of the dissertation. First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the department head, Prof. Dr. Bhim P. Subedi and his Department – Central Department of Geography, T.U. – who provided me this glorious and challenging opportunity to carryout the research on the them of NRM. Second, I would like to thanks my respected supervisor, Mr. Umesh Kumar Mandal, for his important guidance. Similarly, I would like to thanks my respected teacher Mr. Motilal Ghimire, who supervised me at the initial phase. In the course of study, it was impossible to collect several information without important helps from various sectors. For their helps, I would like to thanks Singiya VDC family, Sunsari District Court family, CFUGs of the study area and their family, Water Users Committees and families, and Manpur Ranger Post family. Finally, I would like remember Mr. Ramesh Kumar Rai for his valuable suggestion and Ms. Ful Maya Khajum for her regular support in preparing the report. At last, but not the least, I expect such a cooperative hands for my further research activities. Prakash Rai March 2008
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