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dc.contributor.authorBohara, Hemraj-
dc.description.abstractSocio-economic status of the particular society gives the actual life style of the people living in the society. Socio- economic status sees many aspects of life. The nature of family, family members, educational level etc are the social aspects and income, expenses and expenditures etc are the economic aspects of life. In fact socio-economic aspects of the life are the mirror of the society through which we can study about the standard of people, the accessibility on the resources and awareness level of the population. The research is intended to analyze the situation of the farmers of this area into various aspects and to observe the social status and the economic status of the farmers. Similarly, it tried to generate ideas about the relationship between socio-economic status of farmers and their domestic animals. The general objective of the research is to study socio-economic condition of milk producing farmers of NalaVDC ofKavre district and to study the impacts of milk production on socio economic status. On selection of sample equity among race and ethnicity was considered. Out of 500 household in Nala , VDC, 100 household were taken purposively.Various methodologies like questionnaire method, interview method as well as observation methods were applied to get the correct information from the informants. The research findings were derived by processing data in the form of table, pie-chart, histogram etc. The research was able to find that most of the household head of the farmers who were depending upon milk from cattle and buffalos were from 41 to 60 years age level and most of the work in this sector was done by female. It was found that most of the farmers are literate and can do most of the calculations of this profession similarly almost all of them were using their income to educate their children. It is found that parents were able to send their children in private school. Farmers were found to be aware of health because most of them are using toilet in their home. However 6% respondents are reluctant to go to clinics and healthpost when they become sick. The economic status of farmers was found to be good and, most of them were holding less than 15Ropani of land. By and large, they involved in producing milk that shaped their diary activities.To be specific, they mostly kept two milking animals and produced 5 litres of milk per day. Hence, their economic status was satisfactory.en_US
dc.publisherDepartment of Rural Developmenten_US
dc.subjectSocio-economic conditionen_US
dc.subjectMilk productionen_US
dc.subjectDairy productsen_US
dc.titleSocio-Economic Condition of the Milk Producing Farmers in Nala VDC of Kavre Districten_US
dc.typeThesisen_US Department of Rural Developmenten_US
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