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Title: Bachelor Degree Students' Proficiency in Writing Persuasive Essays
Authors: Bhandari, Arati
Keywords: English Language;EssayWriting;Language Skills;proficiency
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Faculty of english education
Level: Masters
Abstract: This present study attempted to find out Bachelor Degree students' proficiency in writing persuasive essays. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher used both primary and secondary sources of data. The researcher purposively selected 66students' from five colleges of different location of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City.Similarly, the researcher also took help of the books, articles and journals related to essay writing materials. The main tools of data collection consisted of test item that contained only one essay writing question.This study found out that the Bachelor Level students did not use essay elements like hook, thesis statement, background information,outline,topic sentence, explanation, example, conclusion, message, prediction or recommendation etc. in writing persuasive essays. The research study has been organized in five chapters. The first chapter deals with general background, statement of the problems, objectives, research question, significance of the study, delimitations of the study. The second chapter comprises the review of theoretical literature, empirical literature implication of the review for study and conceptual framework. Similarly,research methodology, study design, data analysis and interpretation procedures etc. are discussed in the third chapter. The fourth chapter includes analysis of data and interpretation of the results and summary of findings. In the last chapter, conclusion and recommendation for different groups a represented. The concluding chapter is followed by the references and appendices that list the sources and tools used in doing the thesis.
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