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Title: Microbiological and Physico-Chemical Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages of Kathmandu Valley
Authors: Shrees, Bhim
Keywords: Biochemical test;Microbiological parameters
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Department of Microbiology
Institute Name: Central Department of Microbiology
Level: Masters
Abstract: Three of each alcoholic beverage(Beer,Jand and Raksi) were collected from retail shops covering the Kathamdnu valley and analyzed for their total bacterial count, coliform count and yeast and mold count. Pour plate technique and MF–technique were applied for bacteriological count.The total bacterial count of beverages had done by MF-Technique and total bacterial count was ranging from 23 to 128 cfu/100ml. Similarly, in case of yeast and mold count was ranging from 5x10 2 cfu/ml to 19x10 8 cfu/ml. In case of Raksi total bacterial count as well as yeast and mold count was nil. Yeast and mold count in beer was ranging from 39 cfu/100ml 134 cfu/100 ml. Total coliforms were not found in anyanalyzed samples.Amongst bacterial isolates Bacillus sps., Staphylococus aureus, Pseudomonassps.,Enterobactersps.etc. were predominant. Analyzed chemical parameters were temperature, pH, acidity and alcohol percentage.The averages pH, acidity, Brix, alcohol percentage of beer was 4.55, 0.151, 5.196, and 5.15respectively. The average value of pH, acidity,Brix, alcohol content of Jandand raksi were4.02, 0.28, 3.31, 4.6 and 3.98, 0.0151, 6.81, 22.8 respectively. Microbiological parameters showed that there was high in count of micro-organisms as compare to recommended value. While, chemical parameters satisfy the recommend value.Beverages sold in Kathmandu valley is contaminated through external source due to unhygienic handling and storage. Bottles and closures are another possible source for bottled beverages. It also contains several pathogens in it indicating unsanitary practice during manufacture.
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