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Title: Status of Elderly People in Nepal: An Analysis of Socio-Economic and Demographic Characteristics of Elderly People in Patan VDC, Baitadi
Authors: Pant, Binod Raj
Keywords: Elderly people;Socio-economic;Demographic characteristics
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Department of Population Studies
Institute Name: Central Department of Population Studies
Level: Masters
Abstract: The increasing percentage of elderly population is experiencing in both developed and developing countries. It is due to the increasing life expectancy. The elderly population is dependent population. So, dependency ratio is also increasing pattern. The overall status of elderly people in developed countries is better than that of developing countries. The situation of elderly people is different in developed and developing countries. In developed countries live of the elderly people with qualitative life where as the elderly people in developing countries are quite far from qualitative life. Nepal is a developing country it is also experiencing ageing population since 1950s. But comparing to its increasing number of ageing population,country does not have any visible and clear strategy. The main objectives of this study is to analyze the socio-economic, demographic and psychological status of elderly people in Patan VDC, Baitadi. The study includes 100 elderly as a sample. Primary aswell as secondary data sources were used in survey. In field survey direct interview method was used with quantitative and qualitative questionnaire. For data analysis simple statistical methods like frequency count and percentage distribution were applied. In Patan VDC overall status of males elderly was better than that of females elderly. Most of the elderly were depend upon their sons and other relatives, they have lower situation income sources. Most of them had income source was agriculture. The health situation of the elderly people was not satisfactory. Due to modernization the joint family are breaking slowly. Majority of elderly people of the study area are Chhetri and all the respondents are in Hinduism religion.
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