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Title: Exploration of Economics and Sexuality: A Psycho-Marxist Reading of Lawrence's The Rainbow
Authors: Khatri, Badri Kumar
Keywords: Psycho-Marxist;Brangwen family;English Novel
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of English
Institute Name: Central Department of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: Lawrence's The Rainbow is a tale of uncontrolled sensual desires of the Brangwen family members that have its root in the unfulfilled socio-economic aspects of their life. The novel takes on images and symbols as the source of expression of their unfulfilled desires. The Brangwens living in a small countryside village are often engaged in numerous courtships,largely because of the irun-satiating sexual desire.However, they are ever frustrated and hungry for new relationships, as the only source of income of the family,the farm,could not permit them the desired freedom. Take for,Tom Brangwen, whom arries a divorced Polish woman, leaves her and falls for Anna,but still longs for a family life. Similarly, Ursula, the youngest of the Brangwens, who is the most sensual, shares relationships with one of herlady teachers,with classmates, aprofessor, a cousin brother; however, at the end is still lonely and un-satiated. Thus,the tradition of unfulfilled sensuality of the Brangwen members has its root in theirs' insecure and flexible socio- economic background.
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