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Title: Quest for Nirvana in Kim and Buddhacharitam
Authors: Dahal, Niraj
Keywords: Buddhacharitam;Biographical text
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Department of English
Institute Name: Central Department of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: This dissertation compares the quest for nirvana, the supreme state of bliss, the main characters the Lamain Rudyard Kipling’s Kim on the on hand and the Buddha in Ashwaghosa’s Buddhacharitamon the other. In the both texts the protagonists the Lamain the novelKimand the Buddha in biographical textBuddhacharitamare in the quest for nirvanadespite the fact that there is a vast gapof timeof the publication, location of the authors and other issues between these texts.There are some distinct features of these characters and texts as well. Kim’s quest is a journey to fulfill his worldly ambition and confined with the pursue of his identity in comparison with the quest of the Lama who is detached from the worldly attachments and indulged in the journey for finding out the ‘river of arrow’ in order to clean his sins and to transform him from ignorance into the ‘fountain of wisdom’. The quest of Buddha as it represents in Ashwaghosa’s Buddhacharitam is much wider and meaningful to talk about the journey of nirvana in the sense that he gets nirvana through the self-meditation,and enlightenment attained through transcendental meditation has been further used for liberating the mankind form sufferings. The quest for the nirvana and its achievement in Kimis particularly in order to get our body or life released from the sins which is closer to the Christian narration of sins associated to the Adam and Eve.Both texts are closer to the Mahayani cult of Buddhism that tells that nirvana is not only for the one who attains it, it is for others as well as Buddha in Buddhacharitam and the Lamain Kimbelieve and get inclined to this mission of enlightening others too after attaining the nirvana.
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