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Title: Traumatic Experience in Deepa Mehta's 1947 Earth
Authors: Bhatt, Surendra
Keywords: Traumatic Experience;English Novel
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Department of English
Institute Name: Central Department of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: Based on Bapsi Sidhwa's novel Cracking India, 1947 Earth is based on the story of the partition of great India in 1947. This reminds probably one of the bloodiest massacres in history of India. The British colonizers in the great India conspired the divide and rule policy. As the partition of India becomes inevitable in two different nations, India for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims, after the borders are drawn violent communal riots among the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs take place especially in Lahore and all over India. Religious disharmony in people becomes more visible. In this hotchpotch of population exchange, how this event affected the lives of common people of that time is a very critical issue for long time. The movie 1947 Earth by Deepa Mehta contains the message against the blood stained saga of partition. In the era of flourishing the visual culture with the growing advancement of science and technology, the movies like 1947 Earth have played a vital role for extending anti-traumatic consciences by presenting the fatal consequences of the devastating events and traumatic experiences like the depiction of traumatic partition story of India in 1947.
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