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Title: Stereotypical Representation of Women in Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya
Authors: Humagain, Sumargi
Keywords: Stereotypical representation;Patriarchal society;Feminism
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Faculty of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: Anton Chekhov's 'Uncle Vanya' focuses mainly on its stereotypical representation of female characters as passive, suppressive, emotional and pessimistic characters;who are actually deprived of their freedom. Their freedom is confined by the Patriarchal society. In the play, the female characters Yelena and Sonya have been presented as mere a substance and they are bound to repress their feelings, emotions and sentiments due to the social restrictions of patriarchal society. They are suppressed, depressed and exploited by the patriarchal norms, values and systems.Here in the play, the retired professor suppresses his wife, Yelena's emotions and sentiments. She has become mere the puppet, servant and decorating object. She is stereotypically presented as attracted to money, emotions and sentiments. On the other hand, Sonya, daughter of the professor is also a frustrated, alienated and pessimistic characters. Her intellectuality is also suppressed under patriarchy. In the play, male characters treat Yelena as mere object of pleasure and satisfaction of their emotions and feelings. In this way, the female characters are painfully hooked by the patriarchy so they are inactive, non-resistant and weak characters. Chekhov most of the times involve women in the unproductive and non creative activities so as to show them as less intellectual,more emotional and irrational.The prevailed social norms and values have stood as the obstacles to search for self-identity, freedom and intellectuality.
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