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Title: Role of Biogas for Emission Reduction of Greenhouse Gases, A Study from Damak Municipality of Jhapa District
Authors: Adhikari, Bimala
Keywords: Biogas plant;Emission reductio;Greenhouse gases;Payback period
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Department of Environmental Science
Institute Name: Central Department of Environmental Science
Level: Masters
Abstract: Burning of fossil fuel and extensive use of fuel wood are the major sources of green house gas emission in Nepal. It can be reduced by the use of biogas. The field work was conducted on January and February of 2010. This thesis work tends to calculate the emission reduction of greenhouse gases by the use of biogas at Damak municipality of Jhapa district. The study estimates the benefits of using biogas over the traditional use of fuel wood. Both primary and secondary data collection and analysis were done. Primary data were collected through questionnaire survey, focus group discussion; key informants interview and field visit whereas the secondary data were gathered from the review of related literature, publication from various organizations and related websites. There was a considerable reduction in the consumption of fuelwood at the surveyed households after the installation of the biogas plant. Reduction in fuelwood consumption consequently reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. There was a reduction of 7.99 tons of carbondioxide equivalent per households per year due to reduction in consumption of fuelwood. There was reduction in 0.0022 tons of Carbondioxide equivalent per households per year due to less consumption of LPG. But there was no reduction in the consumption of the kerosene at the study area after the installation of the biogas plant. There was an annual saving of NRs. 21210.55 due to reduction in consumption of fuelwood and LPG at the study area. The payback period for the biogas plant that gets subsidy and economic incentives from community forest and those which do not get any subsidy are 1.58 years and 2.16 years respectively. Key words: Biogas Plant, Emission reduction, Greenhouse Gases, Payback Period
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