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Title: Educational journey of sociology students
Authors: Naharki, Leena
Keywords: Socio-economic;Sociology students
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Department of Sociology
Institute Name: Central Department of Sociology
Level: Masters
Abstract: Education is the key asset in today’s world. It is believed to be the shifting point from “ascription” to “achievement.” It is the key to opening doors for opportunities and life possibilities. It is the basic skill set to survive in this modern world. In most countries, primary and secondary education is mandatory and is provided by the nation. However, higher education is as per individual choice and preference; one may choose any subject or in contrast, one may quit. Higher education, in a sense, is liberal and may seem to be the free will of a person. My objective is to analyze why and how students prefer sociology as a subject in their higher education; what were the guiding factor and how do they fit in the larger social spectrum. It is based on interviews conducted with sociology graduates, which has tried to track their educational journey. The finding show that, though higher education at first glance seems like a free will, such choices are indeed structured by, among others, one’s previous degree, previous performance, and availability of subject choice.
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