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Title: A Study of Techniques Implemented Byenglish Teachers While Teaching Reading Skills
Authors: Bhandari, Tulasa
Keywords: Reading Skills;Teachers
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Faculty of Education
Abstract: This research work entitledA Study of Techniques Implemented by EnglishTeachers While Teaching Reading Skillsis an attempt to find out theprevalent techniques used by the secondary level English teachers and theteachersopinion towards it. The respondents for the research wereselected byusing the purposive non-random sampling procedure. For the research study,the primary data were collected from the fifteen English teachers teaching indifferent secondary level schools in Kathmandu Valley. For the purpose of datacollection questionnaire, interview and class observation were used. Thecollected data from the respondents wereanalyzed andinterpreteddescriptively. The major findings of this study shows thatthe majority of therespondentsperceive teaching reading as a means to develop the language ofthe learners. It wasimportant to teach a reading text in a language classroom asthe students get the gist and message of the text after reading it. The mainpurpose of teaching areading text in the classroom was to make the studentsindependent readers who can tackle any kind of problems in the absence of theteacher which becomes beneficial in their practical life. The teachers useddifferent techniques in their classroom to make their students understand whileteaching reading skill. They had drawnthe attention of the students towardsthem in pre-reading stage using some signpost questions. In while-readingstage, the students weregiven enough opportunity to read the text and get themain information from it. The teachers involvedtheir students in group work,assignedsome tasks and askedto come withits product which finally helpedthem to develop their English language. In the final stage, the teachersorganizedquestion-answer session to know the students’ understanding.Themajority ofteachersplayedthe role of the facilitator in their classroom. Theycreatedfriendly environment while delivering their lessons. Theyinvolvedtheir students in different communicative activities and elicitedtheir responsesto develop the communicative competence of the students. x This thesis has been divided into five different chapters. The firstchapter dealswith general background of the study, statement of the problem, rationale of thestudy, objectives, significance, delimitations of the study and operationaldefinitation of the key terms. Similarly, the second chapter consists of thereview of the related theoretical literature, review of the related empiricalliterature, implications of the review for the study and conceptual frameworks.The third chapter deals with the methodological aspects under which design ofthe study, population and sample, sampling procedures, data collection tools,data collection procedure and data analysis and interpretation procedures havebeen included. The fourth chapter focuses on the results and discussions of thedata in greater detail. As the fifth chapter ofthe study, it consists of summary,conclusions and implications of the study in policy making level, practice leveland for the further research. The four sample questionnaires responded by theparticipants and one questionnaire used in the study have been included inappendix. References and appendices form the concluding part of this thesis.
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