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Title: Factors affecting achievements of sunuwar students in mathematics (A case study in Rasnalu, Ramechhap District)
Authors: Shrestha, Suresh Kumar
Keywords: Sunuwar students;Mathematics achievement
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Department of Mathematics Educaion
Institute Name: Central Department of Education
Level: Masters
Abstract: The main concern of this study is to explore the '' factors Affecting Achievement of Sunuwar students in mathematics'' in Rashnalu, Ramechhap district. The objectives of this study were to find out the achievement of Sunuwar students in mathematics as well as the factors affecting achievement of Sunuwar students in mathematics. For the study, 20 Sunuwar students were selected from the case school ' Shree Gokul Ganga Higher Secondary School, Rashnalu-4 in Ramechhap. The students wereselected from primary, lower secondary and secondary level. Head teacher, subject teacher and parents of the students were also taken for the study. Class room observation and interview were the main tools for the collection of data. In the case school there were 213 Sunuwar students studying in academic year 2072 among 456 students which is about 47% of the total students. To compare Sunuwar students' achievement in mathematics with other students, mark ledger was used as the means of secondary data. The factors affecting achievement of Sunuwar students in mathematics were considered as home related factors, school related factors, students related factors, language, poor economic condition, family size, environment at home, literacy of parents, workload at home, traditional cultures, lack of motivation, lack of use of modern instructional technology at school while teaching, cost of education, lack of parents interaction, lack of periodically internal assessment, being absent on school day and distance of school from home. According to above findings the required suggestions are allocated to be considered. To overcome from these problems the related school members and its affected community should avoid the habit or culture of discriminating by caste to each other. It is suggested that the primary education should be provided in mother language. The illiteracy rate and poverty must be decreased at zero level. The modern instructional technology should be used IV by the teachers to makethe learning meaningful and to make the achievement of mathematics better in the future by the all types of students. The triangular relation of teacher, students and parents must be good in school as well as in the school.
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