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Title: Adsorptive Removal of Fe (II) From Aqueous Solution by Functionalized Sugarcane Bagasse
Authors: Acharya, Mahendra
Keywords: Sugarcane bagasse;Adsorption process
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Department of Chemistry
Institute Name: Central Department of Chemistry
Level: Masters
Abstract: In the present study, adsorption of Fe(II) onto different biosorbents prepared from sugarcane bagasse, i.e, raw sugarcane bagasse, charred sugarcane bagasse and phosphoric acid modified charred sugarcane bagasse has been studied by batch equilibration method under different experimental conditions. Effects of pH, Fe(II) concentration, and contact time on the adsorption of divalent iron ion were investigated. The concentration of Fe(II) ion in the test solution was determined spectrophotometrically. Maximum adsorption was observed at pH 2.5 for all the adsorbents at the optimum contact time of 9 hour, 7 hour, and 4 hour respectively for RSB, CSB and PCSB. Maximum adsorption capacity (qmax) value for the RSB, CSB and PCSB was found to be 50.5, 111.4 and 175 mg/g respectively. Adsorption of the Fe(II) ion on all the adsorbents followed Langmuir isotherm more strictly than Freundlich isotherm. The results shows that studied adsorbents may be attractive low cost alternative for the treatment of wastewater in lower concentration of iron.
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