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Title: Subversion of Female Stereotype in Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady
Authors: Adhikari, Narayan Prasad
Keywords: rigid character;Society;Dwelling persona;Novel;Hegemony
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Willa Cather inherently portrays the inner rebellion and the passion of a female character, Marian Forrester to walk against the social norms. She is shown as a rigid character who, in order to get her desirable things, dismantles the male created hierarchy woman as a subordinate being in the society. Though she is married and living happily with her husband, somewhere deep down in her heart she is not happy with her husband. Throughout the novel Marian seems to transcend her husband’s order. In that time women were restricted only as a dwelling persona. They were not allowed to enjoy their freedom like the males. Marian seems to carry the torch of confronting that male hegemony and creating her own identity.
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