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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Institute NameLevelCountry
2010Street Newspaper Vending as a Livelihood Strategy in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (A Comparative Study of Mobile and Fixed Location Newspaper Vendors)Dallakoti, Bhola NathCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2008Livelihood Strategies of the Street Vendors A Comparative Study of Mobile and Static Vendors in Kathmandu MetropolisBhattarai, Madhav PrasadCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2007Livelihood Pattern of Women Laborers of Carpet Industries (A Case Study of Jorpati VDC, Kathmandu)Deo, BibhaCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2008Demography and State of Access Tovarious Servicesoftarai (Madhesi)Dalit: A Case Study of Karauta and Bogadi Vdcs of Rupendehi District of NepalAcharya, YogendraCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2007International Labour Migration A Case Study of Mukundapur, VDC,Nawal Parasi DistrictJoshi, Krishna Pd.Central Department of GeographyMasters-
2008Women's Participation in The Management of Community Forest (A Case Study Of Bandevi Shanti Community Forest User Group,Badikhel Vdc, Lalitpur District)Khatiwada, RitaCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2008Impact of Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary Insurrounding Communities A Case Study of the Singling GPU, West Sikkim, IndiaRai, RoshanCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2007International Labour Migration A case study of Pumdi Bhumdi VDC, KaskiRana, Tilak BahadurCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2008An analytical study on the growth trend of organized private housing colonyThulung, PradipCentral Department of GeographyMasters-
2008Female Tempo Drivers in Kathmandu: Changing Livelihood Strategies in Urban AreasBaral, Nirmala DeviCentral Department of GeographyMasters-