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Title: Interpellation of Individuals in Toni Morrison's Paradise
Authors: Gurung, Bhabi Raj
Keywords: English literature;English Novel;American Black people
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Central Department of English Kirtipur, Kathmandu
Abstract: Toni Morrison‟s novel Paradise textualizes the hailing of individual from the perspective of State Apparatus in capitalistic society through the help of major characters; Ceneca, Ruby, Consulota, Devine, Love, Save-Marie, Mavis, Grace, Patricia, Sally. Morrison presents the whole society being trapped in the maze of different types of ideologies in real life process of individuals. They are not physically hailed by Repressive State Apparatus but are hailed by Intellectual State Apparatus in characters‟ thought process that is the sole cause of his downfall. Human tragedy occurs in capitalistic society due to the cause of State Apparatus. So we should minimize the hailing place of State Apparatus though its complete absence is impossible for the freedom, complete self (subjectivity) and happiness of individual in our society. Althusser in State Apparatus is one of the major critics of capitalistic society which interpellates individual as the subject
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