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Title: Subordination in English and Maithili: A Contrastive Study
Authors: Mahato, Dinanath
Keywords: Maithili speaking;subordination
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of English
Institute Name: Central Department of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: The main objective of this thesis is to presentthe analysis of English and Maithili subordination. The analysis of English and Maithili subordination is fully based on the primary and secondary data. With the help of secondary data collected fromA Reference Grammar of Mathili(1990),University Grammar(1973), and also by using his own intuition the researcher sets the rules of Maithili Subordination, then tests those rules by collecting the written data from Maithili speakers of Dhanusha district. By making the contrastive analysis of English and Maithili subordination, it also predicts the errors that Maithili speakers are likely to commit while learning English and Maithili subordination. It also calculates the errors actually committed by 60 Maithili speaking students of grade IX and X of Dhanusha district through Errors analysis. Finally, it points out the correlation between the predictions of errors and the actual occurrences of error. The sample population for this study consists of 60 Maithili speaking students of Grade IX and X of Dhanusha District from six different schools. In this work, both primary and secondary sources are used for the collection of the data. The primary tool for analyzing the errors of Maithili speaking students is a written text which consists of two items. After collecting the data, the responses of the students are marked systematically and errors committed by them and tabulated. The tables consist of total errors and average errors presented item wise, class-wise are erroneous sentences. The researcher claims that this study is perfectly satisfactory and complete. Because of limited time and research, there may be some limitations and shortcomings in the study.
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