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Title: Kim as a Heroic Spy and Verloc as an Ironic Spy:ReadingRudyard Kipling's Kimand Joseph Conrad'sThe Secret Agent A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Humanities a
Authors: Bhattarai, Ghanendra
Keywords: Orientalism;Ironic Spy
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Department of English
Institute Name: Central Department of English
Level: Masters
Abstract: Respectively from Kipling'sKimand Conrad'sThe Secret Agent, the present research work has taken Kim andVerloc, for its analysis. Kipling has presented Kim as the heroic character from the white origin whereas Conrad has taken Verloc as the ironicspy. The present study attempts to analyze the writers' motif behind the selection of these characters as the heroic spy and ironic spy, respectively inKimand The Secret Agent. And it contends that thesewriters have stood in the pro-colonial position by projecting such characters.Conrad'spro-colonial position has been clear through his ironic treatmentto the central character. Kipling's frequent valorization of Kimis the latent orientalism. Conrad'sIronic mode of narration is to denounce the anarchists as there lies discrepant gap between their representation of themselves as true revolutionists and their inner reality which is dark and demonic.
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