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Title: Safe Motherhood Practices in Muslim community of Nepal
Authors: Srivastava, Pravin
Keywords: Age at Marriage;Household Population;motherhood
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Department of Population Studies
Institute Name: Central Department of Population Studies
Level: Masters
Abstract: The study on the “Safe Motherhood Practices in Muslim Community of Nepal” a casestudy is carried out by collecting primary data from selected wards of KapilvastuMunicipality. The main objective of the study is to find the knowledge and utilization ofsafe motherhood practices by the women of reproductive age 15-49 as the targetpopulation. The objective of the study is to examine the utilization of prenatal care, postnatal care andcare during delivery and also to find out the level of knowledge, attitude, availability andaccessibility of safe motherhood services. The main chosen foe this research areAntenatal checkup, TT vaccination, receiving iron and vitamin ‘A’, delivery assistance,place of delivery, use of safe delivery kit, postnatal care and time to health services. Research show that only 47.9 percent received antenatal care, 41.6 percent have receivedIron tablets 72.9 percent of respondents have received T.Tvaccination and the percent ofrespondents receiving vitamin 'A' is low that is only 37.5 percent similarly, mostrespondents (52%) have faced problem during pregnancy. If we observe the situation delivery care of study population 62.5 percent delivery areoccurred in house where as 52.2 percent delivery are assisted by TBA. Similarly 29.1percent respondents have safe delivery kit. The study show the utilization of postnatalcare is high in the study population i.e. 95.9 percent. But more of respondents 41.3percent are visited TBA.
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