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Title: Back-channel Behaviours in English Conversation
Authors: Bhatta, Mahender Raj
Keywords: English language;Communication
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Department of English Education
Institute Name: Central Department of Education
Level: Masters
Abstract: The present research is entitled "Backchannel Behaviour in English Conversation". The main focus of this study was directed towards whether English speakers used backchannel responses or not. If yes, how? The study was carried out using both the primary and secondary sources of data. For primary data, twenty English conversations were video recorded as a sample by purposive non-random sampling procedure. The findings reveal that the English speakers used backchannel behaviour in their talks. In conclusion, the English, speakers use verbal, non-verbal and both the combination of verbal and non-verbal backchannel responses, which play very important role in communication. This thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter deals with the introduction of the study. It consists of some definitions of pragmatics, language and communication, communication process, conversation analysis, definitions of backchannel, backchannel communication, objectives of the study and significance of the study. The second chapter deals with the methodology that consists of sources of data, sample and sampling procedure, tools for data collection, process of data collection and limitations of the study. The third chapter is concerned with analysis, interpretation and presentation of collected data. The fourth chapter includes the findings and recommendations. This chapter is followed by the references and appendices.
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