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Title: Quest for Female Identity in Anita Rau Badami'sThe Hero's Walk
Authors: Bhatta, Bishnu Prasad
Keywords: Literature;Females;Master
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Central Departmental of English
Abstract: This research explores a female's quest for identity in third world context. In the novel,The Hero's Walk Anita Rau Badami shows values and norms of patriarchal society and its impact upon women's lives. The female protagonist, Nirmala is portrayed as a dissatisfied woman confined within the conventional rules and values of patriarchy. The protagonist, Nirmala is fed up and tired with the society which does not let her to make self decision and create identity.She is not happy after her marriage because of her husband's uncommunicating, self centeredness, unaffectionate and dominating nature. She resists against patriarchal norms and values to get emancipation and to create her own existence. After her husbandand mother- in-law's sickness, she goes to her neigbour's house who are from lower caste, she takes tea, and invites Mrs. Mannuiswamy in their house and talk about her sister-in-law Putti and Gopal's marriage by breaking the conventional pattern of patriarchal society. At last, Nirmala and Putti decide about Putti's marriage to Gopal challenging age old tradition and customs to crate the existence of women in society as like males'.
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