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Title: Listening Proficiency of Grade Eight Students
Authors: Sharma, Prakash
Keywords: Listening;Languages
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Faculty of Education
Institute Name: Central Department of Education
Level: Masters
Abstract: This thesis entitled “Listening Proficiency of Grade VIII Students” presents a picture of the listening proficiency of students of class VIII of the private and the government-aided schools. The present study has been done through the listening test across four schools from both private and government sectors. The data were taken through listening test and questionnaire from the randomly selected grade VIII students of the selected four schools of the western part of Nepal (two private and two government-aided schools). There were 16 students selected from each school. So, altogether there were 64 students as the sample population. To obtain required data, questions were asked with the use of audio cassette. The researcher also consulted secondary sources such as books, magazines, theses, etc. related to this topic. The major findings of the study are that the listening proficiency of grade eight students of private schools in average is 75.76 percent. Likewise, the average listening proficiency of grade eight students of government-aided schools is 56.64 percent. The overall listening proficiency of eight graders is 66.2 percent. Hence the listening proficiency of private schools’ class eight students is better than that of government-aided schools students. Similarly, listening proficiency of the girl students is better than that of boy students.The study consists of four chapters. Each chapter, in turn, has been divided into various sub-chapters. The first chapter consists of general background, literature review, objectives of the study and significance of the study. Similarly, the second chapter contains sources of data, sampling procedure, process of tools and data collection and limitations of the study. Likewise, the third chapter includes analysis and interpretation of the data which is the main part of the thesis. Finally, the fourth part consists of findings and recommendations that are very important for teaching.
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