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Title: A Study onCustomer Awarenessand Perception of Nabil Bank, Dharan.
Authors: Menyangbo, Priscilla
Keywords: Commercial banks;Banks & banking;Customer awareness
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Faculty of Management
Institute Name: Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan
Level: Masters
Abstract: In today's context, Bankingand Financial Institutions seem to beunfailing and most eye-catching business to the Nepalese and Non-Nepaleseinvestors who like to invest in any business in Nepal. Since few decades alarge numbers banks (Private and Joint ventures) have been germinating inNepal, especially in urban areas. Amongst them, Nabil is one which wasestablished twodecade agoas a First Joint venture commercial bank ofNepaland ithas occupied a significant percent in this area.The dissertation has beenprepared dividing it into five chapters.Theprofound objective of this study is to understand consumers’ insight andconsciousness towards NABIL Bank particularly at Dharan society. A bit ofeffort has been made to understand its viability to accommodate plausiblechallenges uprooted from globalize scenario. Basically, Chi-square tests andSWOT analysis have devised to foster the anticipated outcomes. Further,various tables and bar diagrams have resorted to show perceptual reality ofcustomers on diverse bases.Despite of cut-throat competition, because of its internationalrecognition and professional top management, SWOT analysis shows theglaring future of NABIL Bank as similar as “STAR” condition of “BCGMatrix”. Else,Hypothesis tests have showed buoyant future. However, it failsto create altruistic culture for the social development of Dharan community,which is the strongest mace to generate valiant customers. Succinctly, facingall these challenges, Nabil has captured the public faith, market securities,deposits and national networks.
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