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Title: 100% Percent Electricity Generation through Renewable Energy by 2050: Assessment of Sri Lanka's Power Sector
Authors: ADB; UNDP
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Description: This study was developed to propose a scenario where 100 percent of Sri Lanka's electricity is generated through renewable energy sources by 2050. Sri Lanka saw an increase in the share of renewable energy (RE) in the electricity mix, when in 2014, the country met its target of generating at least 10 percent of its electricity using renewable energy. Subsequently, in 2015, the contribution of fossil fuels to the electricity mix decreased, at the same time as a rise in the contribution of both renewable energy and large hydro. This report has been developed with the purpose of designing and proposing scenarios and mechanisms through which the goal of 100 percent RE in electricity generation by 2050 can be achieved. It details among other things the plausible electricity generation mix as well as financial interventions required for Sri Lanka to achieve its goal while highlighting the numerous technical and economic challenges the country is likely to face on its road to a 100 percent RE power sector. This is a co-publication of Asian Development Bank and United Nations Development Programme.
Country: Sri Lanka
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