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Title: The Internet of Things in the Power Sector: Opportunities in Asia and the Pacific
Authors: ADB; Ramamurthy, Arun; Jain, Pramod
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Description: The Internet of Things has the potential to significantly transform the power sector, which already benefits from early consumer-oriented applications. In Asia’s power sector, grids are plagued with unreliable service and are struggling to upgrade power systems to keep up with high demand growth rates. The Internet of Things (IoT), billed as the next industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, has the potential to significantly transform the power sector by optimizing operations, managing asset performance, and engaging customers to lower energy cost. The power sector is already reaping benefits from early consumer-oriented IoT applications: smart meters and smart thermostats. Find out why Asia and the Pacific should rethink—despite IoT adoption drawbacks—the importance of IoT in terms of the tremendous opportunities and societal benefits it presents.
Country: Regional - Asia and the Pacific
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