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Title: Do Information and Communication Technologies Empower Female Workers? Firm-Level Evidence from Viet Nam
Authors: ADB; Chun, Natalie; Tang, Heiwai
Issue Date: May-2018
Description: This paper explores the effects of a firm's adoption of ICT in reducing gender inequality in the labor market. Using Viet Nam’s comprehensive enterprise survey data, this paper finds that a firm’s adoption of broadband internet and related information and communication technologies (ICT) increased their relative demand for female and college-educated workers. The effect of ICT on a firm’s female employment is particularly strong among the college-educated employees and is weaker in industries that are more dependent on complex and interactive tasks. These results suggest that ICT reduces inequalities in female employment by creating a shift in labor demand from highly manual, routine tasks, where males have a comparative advantage toward more nonroutine tasks, where females hold a comparative advantage.
ISSN: 2313-6537
Country: Cambodia
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