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Title: Valuing Unpaid Care Work in Bhutan
Authors: Jooyeoun Suh; Changa Dorji; Valerie Mercer-Blackman; Aimee Hampel-Milagrosa
Issue Date: Nov-2020
Description: This paper estimates the value of unpaid care work in Bhutan. It finds that, as in other countries, women spend more than twice as much time as men performing unpaid care work regardless of their income, age, residency, and household size. Bhutan has been ahead of its time in incorporating a measure of welfare—the Gross National Happiness Index—to better formulate social policy. This paper is the first to estimate the value of unpaid care work in the country and discusses the pros and cons of various approaches. It adds to the growing body of scholarly literature scrutinizing the importance of properly measuring the value of unpaid care work.
ISSN: 2313-6537
Country: Bhutan
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