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Title: 2017 International Comparison Program for Asia and the Pacific: Purchasing Power Parities and Real Expenditures: A Summary Report
Authors: ADB
Issue Date: May-2020
Description: This publication provides estimates of purchasing power parities (PPPs) and real expenditures for 22 economies in Asia and the Pacific. These are summary regional results from the 2017 cycle of the International Comparison Program (ICP). The report provides estimates of PPPs, real expenditures for total and per capita gross domestic product (GDP) and its component expenditures derived using PPPs, and price level indexes showing relative costs of living. The PPPs enable comparison in real terms across economies by removing the price level differences among them. The ICP is a worldwide statistical initiative under the auspices of the United Nations Statistical Commission. ADB is the regional implementing agency for the ICP in Asia and the Pacific.
ISBN: 9789292621995
Country: Regional - Asia and the Pacific
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