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dc.contributor.authorkushwaha, Aasha kumari-
dc.description.abstractTopic: Contributing Factors of Adolescence pregnancy in Tarai Community Background: Nepal is committed to achieve healthy life including sexual and reproductive health. Adolescence pregnancy is big problem in all over country including Nepal. All adolescence affects from adolescence pregnancy. Objectives Contributing factors of Adolescence pregnancy in Terai Community. Study Method:. Descriptive cross sectional study design was used. The study procedure involved the simple random selection of VDCs and non-probability sampling method was used. Sample size was 50. Result: The finding of this study revealed that the higher rate(98%). of adolescence of pregnancy was in the age of 15 to19. Regarding economical condition, 84% were within the group of enough for monthly expenditure and the equal percent of (84%) were Hindu. In regard with education, around two third (66%) were literate and 33% were illiterate. Regarding marriage, 48% respondent had married below age of 15 and 52% had married between 15 to 19.While most of the respondent (94%) were not interested for marriage and 6% were interested for their marriage. Sixty percent of the respondents were father pressurized for early marriage, 58% by mother and 50% by other family members. Regarding believe of early marriage92% respondents believe that tradition, 52% believe that gender discrimination and 20% god belief. Various type of social impact of adolescence pregnancy like 56% school dropout, 36% poly marriage, 8% separation. Among all respondents 78% know about adolescence pregnancy and 22% didn’t know about adolescence pregnancy through 18% radio and 72% through health person. This research found that 46% of majority had dependent on farming and 24% had their own business. Among all 92% mothers were housewives. Conclusion: In conclusion, most of the respondents know about complication of adolescence pregnancy. There are different contributing factors which effect on adolescence pregnancy. Some respondents face social pressure and face family pressure for early marriage.en_US
dc.publisherTribhuvan University, Institute of medicineen_US
dc.subjectAasha kumari kushwahaen_US
dc.titleContributing Factors of Adolescence Pregnancy in Terai Community, Sarlahien_US
dc.typeThesisen_US Nursing Campus, Birgunjen_US
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