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Title: A Study on the Content Validity of English Test Items: A Case of Elt Materials and Practices at B.Ed. Level
Authors: Paudel, Narayan Prasad
Keywords: English Language;Human communication
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Department of English Education
Institute Name: Central Department of Education
Level: Masters
Abstract: This thesis entitled “Content Validity of ELT Materials and Practices English Test Papers at B.Ed.level” attempts to determine whether the test papers of ELTMaterials and Practices have content validity or not. The main objective of this research study was to analyze the content validityof test papers of ELT Materials and Practices at B.Ed. level. For this purpose theresearcher has analyzed 5years (from 2059 to 2063) question papers of the ELTMaterials and Practices. The test contents were comparedwith the course contents interms of coverage and weightage. After the analysis and the interpretation of thequestion papers as a whole, it was found that the English test papers of ELT Materialsand Practices have low content validity in terms of bothcoverage and weightage. This study is divided into four chapters. The first chapter deals with theintroduction which consists of general background, introduction of a test and its types,language teaching and testing, requirements of a good test, introduction to majorEnglish at B.Ed. level, course structures of the Bachelor’s Degree (English inEducation), the syllabus of ELT Materials and Practices at B.Ed. second year. It alsoincludes review of the literature, objectives of the study and significance of the study. The second chapter is related to the methodology which consists of sources ofdata, tools for data collection, process of data collection and limitations of the study. The third chapter deals with the analysis and interpretation of the data which havebeen analyzed and interpreted in terms of coverage and weightage to find out thecontent validity of the tests. The fourth chapter deals with the findings and recommendations of the study.
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