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Title: Satellite Rainfall Estimates Validation and Applicability in Disaster Management
Authors: Suwal, Madan Krishna
Keywords: DAD,;disaster;point rainfall;rain gauge;SRFE;validation,
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: Department of environment science
Level: Masters
Abstract: Abstract Rainfall is variable environmental component. Its measurement and management is vital for the social welfare. There have been different methods developed for the measurement of it, from ancient period. Still, there is lack of reliable and real time rainfall data. The satellite rainfall estimate (SRFE) is emerging as an alternative method for the real time rainfall data. Many researches have been carried out for the reliability test of satellite rainfall estimate and different tests have been preformed for the validation of the satellite rainfall. In this study, Depth Area Duration (DAD) equation was used for the interpolation of point rainfall into areal rainfall. Then, validation for monthly cumulative rainfall, seasonal rainall and daily rainfall was perfomed. The monthly SRFE had better estimations compare to daily rainfall and followed by the monsoon seasonal rainfall. The daily SRFE can not be used in flood warning mechanism as it has significant errors and low correlation coefficient.
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