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dc.contributor.authorPaudel, Narayan Prasad-
dc.description.abstractThis study "The Proficiency of Grade Nine Students in Free and Guided Writing" was conducted to find out the proficiency of the ninthgraders studying in different government aided schools in Madi, Chitwan,in free and guided writing. The sample size of study include 40 studentsfrom four government aided schools from Chitwan district. The researcheradopted the stratified random sampling procedure to select information.After conducting a test, the test items were finalized without changesbecause the pilot study showed that the text items were appropriate. Then,the test was administered to the students. After the marks assigned to by thesample students, they were analyzed and interpreted in terms of differentvariables using different statistical tools. The average proficiency of the students in free writing and guidedwriting was found 37.7% and 47.45% respectively. Among the studentsrepresenting four different schools, the students of M.S.S. were found themost proficient both in free and guided writing with the marks 40.8% and53.6% respectively and the students of S.S.S. were found the leastproficient in both free and guided writing with the average marks of 35.6%and 43% respectively. This thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter deals with thegeneral background of the study, free writing and guided writing, review ofthe related literature, objectives and significance of the study. The second chapter deals with methodology. It also deals with thesampling procedure, tools for data collection, process of data collection andlimitations of the study.The third chapter consists of the analysis and interpretation of the data andthe fourth chapter deals with findings and recommendations of the study.en_US
dc.publisherDepartment of English Educationen_US
dc.subjectLanguage Skillsen_US
dc.subjectGuided Writingen_US
dc.titleProficiency of Grade Nine Students in Free and Guided Writingen_US
dc.typeThesisen_US Department of Educationen_US
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