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Title: Identity Search of Doubly Victimized Jane in Bronte'sJane Eyre
Authors: Ban, Bikash
Keywords: English literature;English novel;autonomy
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Central Department of English
Institute Name: Central Department of Education
Level: Masters
Abstract: Thisthesisexplores the struggle of Jane, an orphan child,who is in search of her existence,identity andautonomy. The present study deals thetext as a manifesto ofdouble victimizationencountered by female protagonistJane Eyre.Sherejects the patriarchal valuesin order to assert autonomy, selfhood, and individualidentity,who despite all the odds heralded in her way never loses hope for a better tomorrow. Despite all the inhumantreatment to her by the patriarchal society and female them selves.Shefightsagainst the unjustandvictimizationwith the help ofcompassion and forgiveness. Her struggle is symbolicfor them.Whoare optimisticallywaiting for thebettermentof the days ahead.
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