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Title: Situation of Women Labour Migrants (A Case Study of Women Emigrants, Nepal)
Authors: Acharya, Shukra Prasad
Keywords: Women Emigration;Literature Review;Labour Emigrants
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Department of Population Studies
Institute Name: Central Department of Population Studies
Level: Masters
Abstract: This study relates the women labour migrants. It has been conducted with the aim of identify the trend of emigration by sex and problems of women migrant workers. And it has aimed to find out the socio-economic impacts of emigration.This study has done on the basis of secondary source of information. It has included the data on emigration from 1981 census to 2006. Obtained data/information is analyzed from descriptive way.After analyzing the obtained data/information it is found that, portion of women emigrants is very small in compare to men. Out of approximate 0.86 million Nepalese abroad workers, 9.12 percent were women and volume of women abroad workers is around 78 thousand in 2006. Around 50 percent women abroad workers are concentrated in the Gulf regions especially in Saudi Arabia.Number of women emigrants seems in increasing trend especially in recent years. More than 90percent of women abroad workers except India are in different 15 countries with minimum 350 to maximum 30,000 (Saudi Arab). Approximately 65 percent are domestic workers. More numbers of migrant women workers seems from indigenous nationalities and Dalit, around 40 percent are from lower middle class society and one quartile of women emigrants are literate (with small share of illiterate) only. Women migrant workers are more vulnerable than men.Particularly, migrant women workers have to face the problems of language difficulty, long working hours and low income. And they could not perform their task.As a result of emigration, remittances are becoming an important source of household income and national economy. Contribution of women in sending remittances to Nepal is slightly better than share of women in volume of abroad workers. Now, sources of remittances are becoming other countries than Nepal and India. Except economic remittance, Nepal has gained some other things likes kills and experiences. However, youths' emigration does not favour the long runnation's prosperity.
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