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Title: Status, Habitat Uttlization and Conservation of Himalayan Tahr Hemitragus jemlahicus (H. SMITH, 1826) In Langtang National Park, Central Nepal
Authors: Tiwari, Devendra Prasad
Keywords: Himalayan Tahr;Topography;Habitat utilization
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Department of Zoology
Institute Name: Central Department of Zoology
Level: Masters
Abstract: This study was carried out in the Langtang National park which is situated in the Northern Part of Central Nepal. The research work on"Status, Habitat utilization and conservation of Himalayan Tahr in Langtang National Park was conducted during February to October of 2005. Altogether 468.55 hours and of 80 days with aimed to estimate the population status and Habitat utilization of Himalayan Tahr and to recommend for appropriate management. The study was carried out from Ghodatabela to Langsisa Kharka.The study area was divided into 5 survey blocks occupying a total of 25sq. km. The fixed point count from ridge line vantage points were conducted for the Hamalayan Tahr count. Observed herds and individual were repeatedly counted and recorded. Local herders and key residents were interviewed. A total of 218 individuals of different age and sex Himalayan Tahrwere recorded during the study in 8 different herds. Three types of herds were recognized: Adult male - adult female - young (37.5%), Adult female-young (37.5%) and adult male (25%). Survey revealed that 50 percent of Tahr herds were observed in 4200 m-4900 m and least (12%)were in 3700-4000 m. Animals were not located in 3850 m-4200 m. Stratified random sampling was done to analyze the vegetation in their habitat and identified 47 potential plant species. The encroachment of their habitat is severe by the excessive livestock grazing and utilization for cowshed. Noticeable disturbance felt due to frequent poaching and tourist flow. The conservation of this species seems to be vital as it is prime prey species of snow Leopard in Langtang National Park.
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