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Title: Basic Mathematical Concept and Process Used by Rai Community
Authors: Rai, Roshan
Keywords: Mathematical concept;Rai community
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Department of Mathematics Eucation
Institute Name: Central Department of Education
Level: Masters
Abstract: The present study is on the, "Basic Mathematical Concept and Process used by Rai Community". The main objective of the study was to find out identify the numerals used in representing number by Kirati. I used qualitative research with case study. This research is ethnography study, so the sample size in this study is not fixed. Mainly, Interview, Photographs, observations were used as techniques to generate data from the participations. The study was conducted and analyzed based on the conceptual understanding on which information and data were garnered. The research design of the study included survey design. The researcher used two tools to collect data. They were interview and photographs. This study consists of five chapters. Chapter one includes background of the study, statement of the problem, objective of the study, significance of the study, delimitation of the study and operational definitions of the key terms. Next, chapter two deals with the review of relevant literature and the conceptual framework of the research. Chapter three deals with the methodology adopted for the study in terms of sources of data, population of the study, sampling procedure, tools and process of data collection and ethical consideration. Chapter four contains the analysis and interpretation of the data. Chapter five deal with the findings, conclusion and implications of the study.
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