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Title: socioeconomics status and vegetations analysis of dibaynagar buffer zone village development committee,chitwan national park
Authors: Bartaula, Ishwor Raj
Keywords: buffer zone community forest;rhino poaching;wildlife depredation
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: department of environmental science
Institute Name: Central Department of Environmental Science
Level: Masters
Abstract: To study Dibaynagar buffer zone VDC of Chitwan National Park as a buffer zone with the dual objective of conservation and development stratified random sampling of households, analysis of vegetation and land use change were examined. All household socio economic status largely depended on subsistence agriculture. The agriculture land and grassland in Dibaynagar buffer zone VDC decreased by 0.79 % and 93.51 % respectively between 1978-1992. About 31 % of the households has food deficit problem. Due to insufficient of fuelwood in the buffer zone community forest, 87.5 % of the households depended on Chitwan National Park. Only 4.68 % of household has access on modern energy source such as biogas that was in large farm hold size of Tharu caste/ethnic group. Crop damage by rhino is a serious problem in the Dibaynagar Buffer zone VDC. Households suggested for better management of buffer zone community forest were; more plantation, flood control and awareness. Regarding poaching of rhino in Dibaynagar buffer zone VDC even the buffer zone user committee has found involved. Prioritized options for the activities need to conserve rhino were; awareness to all level people, improved security and poacher punished. The forest observed was Acacia-Dalbergia type. Total density of tree species was found 100.86/ha, dominant species was found dalbergia sissoo. Total biomass yield was found 0.96t/ha/yr. Stand size classification showed poles size was found highest. Demand on fodder and fuelwood was found higher then the sustainable yield of BZCF. Key words: Protected area, buffer zone community forest, rhino poaching, wildlife depredation, land use.
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